Foundation 4Life Supports Ukrainian Orphanage

Foundation 4Life Supports Ukrainian Orphanage
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Salt Lake City, UT (March 2, 2022) Foundation 4Life recently celebrated a decade of partnership with The Children’s Home in Boyarka, Ukraine.

The Children’s Home is one of the largest specialized institutions in Ukraine—housing more than 100 children. These children receive medical care, learn life skills, and receive primary education. Presently, due to air raids and wartime danger, the kids at The Children’s Home stay in a dark basement so they don’t draw attention to themselves with light.

Prior to Foundation 4Life’s remodel of The Children’s Home, the basement had issues with black mold. Thanks to a humanitarian initiative spearheaded by one of 4Life’s top Ukraine leaders, Irina Bolshakova, Grigoriy Kravchenko, and other 4Life Affiliates, Foundation 4Life fixed the black mold problem and remodeled the space. These 4Life leaders are with the children right now to help them survive and stay safe. Although these children must hide in a basement, their refuge now provides more comfort and safety.

Foundation 4Life ambassadors and corporate employees have visited the orphanage many times over the last ten years, and they know many of the children and staff members personally.

Vice President of Global Markets Tyler Madsen: “We are in constant communication with our Ukrainian friends and business partners. Our executive team is strategizing ways to provide ongoing support to those suffering in Ukraine. I send my love, as well the love of our Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, and President and CEO Danny Lee.”

Recently, Foundation 4Life repaired two flights of stairs, funded a special entryway for wheelchairs, and added a new reception area at The Children’s Home. Foundation 4Life has also provided necessary supplies for over a decade like beds, strollers, and baby changing tables.

Chairman of the Reorganization Commission and Chief Economist Alona Kozyr: “It would be difficult to give an exhaustive list of all the help Foundation 4Life has given us. Our team appreciates all the donations and supplies that have made our home a cozy and safe environment. Both the staff and the children have felt the sincere care of these kind and loving people.”

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